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Eli Evangelista is Joao Neto’s Father and the founder of the original Eli’s Academia is Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eli worked at the port in Santos for many years but was always into health & fitness and his dream was to open a gym. His dream became reality in the late 70’s when Eli’s Academia began. It was one of the very first gym's in Santos and became popular very quickly. It was a family run business and Joao’s Mom and 3 sisters were always at the gym helping out ...
The Tower Band System was professionally designed by Joao Neto who has been in the health and fitness business his whole life and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Joao has owned and operated Eli’s Fitness Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 2000 and his whole life revolves around Health & Fitness. He designed this system with his clients in mind to help take their fitness to the next level. The professional fitness trainers at Eli’s love to incorporate TBS into their client’s workouts because it is a fun and unique workout that consistently shows results fast! This workout is suitable for all age groups because it works very well on your joints avoiding & minimizing injury. 

Eli's Fitness Program Benefits

1. Increase or Maintain Lean Body Mass. Strength training places tension on the muscles that stimulates the laying down of more myofibrils thus increasing the size of muscle fibers.  

2. More muscle means more fat burnt, muscle is small, lean and hard!! Fat is soft, lumpy and twice as big as muscle at the same weight!!

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