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Jay Wright

Duane Deorka

32 years experience in personal training

Education: Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology / CPR Certified

Whatever your age, gender or goals, my Education, experience and motivation, together we will reach your fitness goals

Bio: Jay's love for fitness and exercise started back in the 7th grade when he was a short scrawny kid who was always picked on.  Then Coach Levy asked if Jay wanted to join the weight lifting club.  He was now hooked.

Since 1980, Jay has been Personal Training and making a difference in many people's lives.  With clients ranging from 12 to 93, Jay has the experience to design a program tailored just for you that will not only make it fun, but rewarding through results.

The fitness field is always changing. Given that, Jay continues his education annually  through various Certifications and seminars to ensure that his clients are getting the most and updated approach to reach their goals.

Jay's philosophy is simple and to the point. To borrow a quote from Vidal Sassoon, " If you don't look good, I don't look good". ( Thanks, Vidal )  Many people have asked Jay what to look for in a Personal Trainer.  Other than education and or experience, I tell them to look at the trainer they are interviewing.  Does he or she have a body you aspire to have ? Do they walk the walk ? If a trainer doesn't take care of themselves or don't make themselves an example of their work... How are they going to motivate you?


A personal trainer is just that. Personal. While in the gym; Jay's clients are first and foremost clients. However, working so closely together, clients and trainers become family. What a great and winning combination for success !!!


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