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Athlete's Strength and Conditioning Program 

Being an athlete requires a lot more than only the love for the sport and the ability to play it. In order to constantly improve and to become an elite athlete, you need to submit your body and muscles through periodic changes to able the progress and advance of it.

There are a lot of different types of training that can improve the way you perform your sport activity. At EFS Athletes High Performance Academy, we study sports movements and design specific training sessions with one goal in mind, to get where you belong, to the top of your peak and performance.

As an example, Strength Training is an essential element of fitness for virtually every sports man and woman. There were times when coaches believed resistance exercises only added unnecessary bulk to the athlete, hindering their ability to execute skill. A physiological analysis of any game or event will confirm that most athletes require explosive power, muscular endurance and maximal strength or some combination of all three in order to excel.

Along with Strength Training, we add speed, plyometrics, endurance, flexibility among many other techniques to the recipe of transforming an average to medium athlete to a high-performance athlete.

Come and visit us at one of our facilities or contact us with additional questions.

Also, find out more about Strength Training, Peak Performance, Resistance and Weight Loss/Weight Gain.


Health and Fitness Tips

Nutrition, fitness and weight loss tips By the yard it's hard, but inch by inch anything is a cinch

1. Training and nutrition complement each other and are crucial in achieving a specific fitness goal.

2. Water is still the best liquid for hydration.

3. People who smoke in their teens are more prone to getting serious depression as adults - yet another good reason never to light up.

4. Remember to breathe - Inhale on downward

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