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Here are just a few of Joao's Clients. WE HOPE TO FEATURE YOU HERE SOON
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Joe is the best trainer that I've had the pleasure of knowing. He is a fantastic motivator, extremely well versed in anything relating to fitness, pushes his clients to the edge, and has a well-equipped, clean facility. He also works with his clients' individual needs. 

I expressed an interest and requested an outdoor workout and he gladly accommodated me! He doesn't let his clients fall into a rut where they aren't benefiting. He is always changing the workout so it benefits the clients! Kudos to Joe!!

Stephanie Namnum

I have been working out with Joe since 2007. That’s the year I got married. Joe has always inspired me both in the gym and in my everyday life to do better. 

His workouts make a huge difference in the way I look and feel. I have always struggled with staying motivated with my workouts and diet. Joe has the ability to challenge me with different workouts which has proven to make a difference in my appearance and self esteem. 

He listens to me and adjusts my workouts to fit my needs. I have trouble with my lower back and so he designs my workouts to be sure that I don’t hurt myself. He also has me work on my core strength which has helped strengthen my back tremendously. 

He trained me through my entire pregnancy and the tough process of losing my baby weight. While I was pregnant I continued to work out with him. I felt safe working out with him while pregnant. 

Working out through my pregnancy helped me with the process of losing the 35 pounds after my daughter was born. Two years after having my daughter I continue to work out with him as much as possible. It’s still a challenge to stay away from all of the yummy kids treats that my daughter eats. It’s even more important now that I stay fit and healthy as a mom. 

Kristen Gundlach 
July 2011 

Dear Joao,

I'm sure I am no different than other "weekend warriors" who find it more challenging to stay in shape as time goes on. The kettlebell training with Joao at Eli's Fitness Studio, alternating with weight training, has helped me overcome a huge plateau in my training regimen. My husband and I also enjoy our Saturday group kettlebell training sessions at the park-- killer workout with a great group of new friends.

We look forward to many more awesome workouts! 

Kim and Hugo Fontalvo

I am 58 years old and I've been a client of Eli's Fitness Studio for the last ten months. So far, I've lost over 3 1/2 dress sizes and my strength & stamina have increased dramatically. I have never exercised regularly in my life. 
I've learned about working out safely and how to make my overall lifestyle more healthy. I would highly recommend Joao Neto to anyone, no matter what age. He is a great personal trainer and a great person. I will always be grateful to him for helping me to transform my life!

Paauline Dailey

I had been promising myself to go workout with Joao for several years and finally did so about a year ago. Several friends had worked out with Joao and they all looked amazing. When I first met with Joao for my assessment I could barely do 10 minutes of cardio and had no strength for any sort of weight training. After several months with Joao I can truly say I was in the best shape of my life working out 3 days a week. 

Then I took a job in Orlando and I feared all the work Joao and I had done would be for naught. But true to his wonderful spirit Joao has continued to train me albeit virtually and has started having workouts on Saturday mornings that I try to attend when I'm in town. Joao not only cares about the physical but truly cares about the person he is training. He has provided wise counsel and guidance as well as being a great trainer.
Debbie Platz
JULY 2011

'Eli's Fitness Studio has been an incredible facility to train. Joao and his team of professional trainers define the word personal trainer. 

They take your needs and build a program around you and don't give up until your goals are met. One of my favorite times of the day is the expereince I have every week at Eli's Fitness Studio"

Courtney - July 2011

I have been working out for years and was at a point where I was looking for something new and fresh for training. I was introduced to Joao Neto @ Eli’s Fitness and sat down with him to come up with a plan. You don’t just join a gym and walk in and start working out. 

Joao takes the time to sit down with you for an initial consultation to find out your goals, any injuries that he needs to address and even assist in rehab as well as discussing the nutrition aspect. 

I started training with Joao and it wasn’t anything I was used to, he called in Junkyard training. Things like Kettle bell training, dragging a tire, work with a sledgehammer on a tire. 

No workout is every the same!! This was what I had been looking for and found in Eli’s Fitness. I have not only transformed my body by losing lbs. but have changed my life and my mind by working with Joao. I have been with Joao for over a year now and can’t see myself working out anywhere else!

Frank Plowright

I met Joao 11 months ago and began training with him with great success. I had always been active, playing softball, running, practicing hot yoga, and working out at a conventional gym, but never achieving the results I wanted. Thanks to Joao's positive attitude, dynamic training, and great facility I have been able to achieve a strength and lean body like never before. I will be turning 32 soon and feel in the best shape of my life.
In the first few weeks of training we began using conventional weight lifting, which Joao immediately realized was not working for my body type. Unlike many other trainers, Joao listened and adjusted my workouts to fit my needs! We now use solely bands, kettlebells, free weights and cardio in our workouts. The best part is I look forward to my training sessions with him weekly because I know each time will be a completely new workout and challenge! No boredom here! I have never been stronger or more confident in my life. (and he has definitely improved my softball game!)
 I truly love going to Eli's fitness and it has brought a new happiness and balance to my life. Joao is an amazing trainer and I am truly better for knowing him, and proud to call him my friend. Thank you Joao!

Amy Chatfield

I discovered Eli's Fitness Studio 3 years ago after having been a member of LA FITNESS.. I was tired of the same , big gym feel and wanted to make a change ..I was bored with my fitness routine and I felt like I wasn't reaching my goals physically and I had no sense of discipline or direction. I met Joe and training with him has made a huge impact on the way I look and feel. 

Being a petite girl, I wanted to keep, shape, and maintain a lean toned body with a healthy look. Joe has kept me focused on my goals by varying my workouts and sticking to a circuit-style routine I learned to achieve results by use of kettle-bell exercises, body resistance, gymnastic ball abs roll outs, and cardio machines. He makes the hour workout fulfilling and exciting by changing up the exercises according to one's body needs and goals. Also, Joe is very good at selecting diets for his clients that will complement the end result. We call it "eating clean." 
I love being at Elis because it's a small intimate gym and everyone is there for serious workout business while inviting a friendly atmosphere that's comfortable and fun. I recommend Joe highly as a trainer because he's professional and personal. He truly understands the marriage between physical and mental health by helping one stick to a routine that will in turn increase energy and boost mood and stamina for everyday life stresses and challenges.


I'm a professional basketball player that has worked out from as far back as I can remember. Since I've been training at Eli's fitness my life and lifestyle have elevated to new heights. Joao brings a freshness to personal training by creating routines that challenge my mind and body. I don't know where he comes up with the exercises but they're great for men and women of all ages. 

You will not only see great results but you will also learn ways to work smarter while working hard. I've been trained by so many different trainers all around the globe and I can honestly say that this has been my best experience by far. One reason is because I was labeled as "injury prone" in the past but I learned from Joao that by actually training the right way I have not experienced an injuries since I've started training with Joao. 

Joao is great at what he does and he truly cares about each one of his clients reaching their goals. It's been about a year that I've been with him 
and now he is not only my trainer but a great friend. 

Eli's Fitness is like a 2nd family to me and I can see that he is also a great husband and father to his family. 
In my opinion, 

He is remarkable!

Steve Allen


If you are looking to be in the best shape of your life with unique, effective workout routines in a state-of-the-art facility then you need to call Joao (Joe) Neto at Eli's Fitness Studio!  

The atmosphere is what I would call "Top Notch" with excellent personal trainers who not only provide you with the guidence and motivation you need, but the dedication to make every one of their clients fully understand what needs to be done to get in shape.  

I have been training with Joao at Eli's for almost a year and I must say that besides the outstanding equipment available, the training never becomes boring, making exercise fun . I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to my trainer, Joao. 

Another thing that I think make Eli's Fitness Studio unique are the different types of workouts we do which include kettlebell routines, a cable resistace training wall called a Tower Band which was designed and created by the Joao Neto who is the studio owner.  

He also takes me outside in the back of the studio sometimes to do what they call "The Junkyard Workout" which is a variety of outdoor fat-burning workouts that include flipping tires, sledge hammers, kettlebells, sprints, and much, much more!  It's hardcore but fun and different and definitely helps get the results fast!

Soonyoung Olson


Being a woman of Asian descent, weight has never been an issue for me. Most Asians are petite thanks to our genetic make up. However, as I've gotten older I have started to notice some slight changes in my appearance. Well, you know....clothes fit a little more snug and things have started to jiggle......just to name a few. I didn't like these changes and for my 31st birthday, I decided to hire Joao Neto at Eli's Fitness Studio to train me. I wanted to become a better ME! WOW, was I in for a surprise! Measuring in a 114 lbs (which doesn't sound too bad), but I had 32% body fat! I was that skinny "Fat" girl! 

That rate put my health at a higher risk and if I wanted to live long enough to see my children grow up, I needed to do something NOW! Joao gave my the motivation and discipline I needed. He has helped me learn proper technique to perform the exercises more effectively to get better and faster results. I've also learned that "consistency is the key to Success in Health & Fitness". By having an appointment with Joao, I know I am accountable to someone and that makes me do it. He stays on my case if I am late or miss training which is very good for me also. Thanks to Joao and Eli's Fitness Studio, I've lost a total of 4 lbs and lowered my body fat by 6%! I'm in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically and I couldn't of done it without him!

Noon (Pompano Beach, Florida)

Cilk McSweeneyI am a professional basketball player and in October 2009 hurt my ankle and after some serious rehab, the doctors advised me that I would have to be sidelined for the season. I was obviously very down and out and just about that time, I met Joao Neto, the Owner of Eli's Fitness Studio. Joao is also a Christian, like myself and right away he prayed for me and spoke a word of healing into my life then he began to train me. 

He introduced me to kettlebells and he also works me a lot on a machine he invented and designed that is called "Towerband". It's a large metal structure that he attaches all types and strengths of resistence bands. He has specifically designed workouts for myself and other pro basketball players that train with me to help improve our endurance and technique. After many months of training, I am ready to start playing and competing on the basketball court again. Through training with Joao, I am in the best shape of my life. 

Joao has taken me from a well conditioned athlete to a machine. I feel 100% confident that I am ready to play again and I thank Joao for helping me to get where I am. He has not only been a great trainer, he's also a great friend and a man of God and I am proud to have him in my life! 

Cilk McSweeney (Professional Basketball Player)

Joao is a dedicated, outstanding trainer, and runs a superb facility at Eli’s Fitness. He pushes clients to achieve their maximum potential through challenging workouts, dietary guidance, and emotional motivation. The workouts are always evolving to help you meet your particular goals.

Joao constantly mixes things up with weight training, cardio, circuits and kettlebells. The studio has great array of the latest equipment and is always immaculately maintained.

Alison Tedor

As a busy physician, I never had enough time to dedicate to training. I had all the right or wrong excuses as to why other things in my life were more important than staying physically fit. Once I realized how out of shape I was and how it would impact my health, I attempted to work out on my own but I lacked the structure and guidance to be successful and therefore fail at all of my attempts to implement change, It took the photograph shown here to awaken me to contact Eli's Fitness. Joao Neto has given me the support, motivation and guidance to achieve the results that I have always wanted but was unable to achieve on my own. My waist size has gone from 34 to 29. Now at 50 I feel and look better than I ever had.
Thanks Joao,
Rene A. Poveda M.D.

I met Joe in May of 2001 weighing 212lbs. By November of 2001 I competed in the 2001 Extreme Challenge at 180lbs. In October of 2002, I competed in Turkey for the USA Team at 154lbs in the Women's World Boxing Championships winning the Silver Medal.

In 2006 I fought at 145lbs. as a professional boxer. I still work out with Joe and have been able to keep the weight off. My weight loss and ability to keep it off is directly related to Joe's knowledge and training methods and his ability to motivate. My success in this new career came from my weight loss and confidence I gained, I owe to him.

Thank you Joe for a new lease on LIFE.
Yvonne Reis

I moved to Fort Lauderdale about a year and a half ago. I had been living in New England working at a stressful job and had never truly exercised anywhere. At 50 I knew I had to start! I asked people for references for a good personal trainer and got Jay Wright’s name. I called Jay and the times I wanted to work out after work and on Saturday morning, he had clients but referred me to his friend, Paul. 

On my first day at Eli’s, I was nervous but when I arrived all fear was dispelled by my greeting. The first person I met upon entering was Nandi at the juice bar. Paul told him I was coming and I was met with welcoming arms. Paul was a fantastic trainer and all was going well with my workouts, when Paul announced he was moving to New Jersey. I was horrified since I really enjoyed working with Paul. Nandi became my trainer and I can’t imagine not working out with him. As time has gone on, I have lost the weight I wanted to lose and am getting so much better at the things Nandi shows me to do. At 51; I feel fantastic and have newfound energy and exuberance! 

During the times I generally go to Eli’s, the trainers I tend to see are: Jay, Charles, Oz, Alex, Ty and Joao himself. All of these trainers are exemplary in their technique and style. The camaraderie at Eli’s is infectious. The trainers and their clientele are friendly and upbeat and it is interesting to see people progress from week to week and month to month. Because Eli’s is a gym for trainers and their clients, you can see people make changes on an ongoing basis. 

When my trainer Nandi went to visit his family in Hungary last year, I had sessions with trainer Oz and when Nandi went to Hungary this year, I had sessions with trainer Charles. Both of these trainers have very different styles and both are remarkable. Joao and Heidi make Eli’s feel like home base for the trainers and clients and make people feel at home. 

The equipment is maintained well and the gym is always so clean. I consider myself fortunate to have a fantastic trainer, Nandi (Nandor Merfalvi), and a gym to call my own. If Nandi were to move away, I know I have a facility with many trainers and ALL of them would be great to work with. Eli’s fits a niche for people who want quality training in a nice atmosphere.
Bruce (Fort Lauderdale) 

Eli’s Patron & Fan 

I started weight training with my Grandfather at the age of 13. I stayed with it through high school football and in college. This is when I decided to compete in teenage bodybuilding contests. I had limited success; I won one show and placed 3rd in another.

I joined L.A Fitness. The first year I stayed focused because it was a nice, new gym with good equipment. However, the gym became so overcrowded, it was to the point where I could not get to the equipment I wanted to use. It became a social club. I started to lose my motivation. I would drive to the gym and either take a nap in my car or walk to the door three times only to return to my car and drive off to Starbucks. Something had to change. 

I heard about Eli’s Studio and decided to give it a try. On one hand I needed a change but on the other hand there was not much I did not know about weight training. I used to think personal trainers were for rich bozos. 

I meet Joe Neto, the owner of Eli’s. Joe started to train me with one-on-one personal training. The days of missed workouts or ones that were a joke were gone. I think I went a year and a half without one missed workout. When I began training I weighed a soft 193. Joe suggested we lift heavy and try to add more muscle to my body and at the same time do cardio 4 – 6 times a week (too help reduce my body fat.) Over a period of less than 4 years, I added 40lbs of muscle! 

Today, at the age of 43 I weigh 233lbs. I feel great! If I am 10 minutes late for a workout, you better believe Joe’s on the phone saying “let’s go Bro!”

Pat Cervone


I have been training with Joao Neto for the last seven years and am extremely happy with his workouts. He has helped get me in the best shape of my life for my wedding and bounce back into shape after having two kids. 

As an attorney and mother of two kids (a 3 years old and a 6 month old) I have limited time to devote to exercise. Joao has customized a workout for me that includes weight training, kettle bells , circuit training and cardio all in a half hour. 

Thank you Joao for your dedication and constant motivation.
Dana Macdonald 


June 2011 

I would like to take the time to thank Joao Neto for the amazing and encouraging workouts he offers. For the last three months I have been working out with kettlebell training sessions two times a week and at home on my own twice a week. His workouts are always exciting and he changes things around so it never gets boring. 

The kettlebell workouts not only work out your muscles but are an amazing cardio workout as well. Joao pushes you hard, and he wants you to see results. It’s a perfect workout for me because I can train with him a few times a week, and then incorporate my own routine at home from what he has taught me during our sessions. Joao has been such a motivation for me to get into shape. My whole body feels more toned. The workout is fun and helps all areas of the body. I feel truly blessed to workout with Joao every week. 

My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle and Eli’s Fitness Studio has helped me obtain this. The studio has a great positive atmosphere with the most upscale equipment and the training Joao offers produces results. I always leave feeling refreshed and energized. Thank again Joao for the great workouts. 

Alisa Cunha 

July 2011 
I started my training with Joao Neto back in 2003. At that time I was in a Ft. Lauderdale nail salon enjoying a fabulous pedicure when a very fit attractive female came in and sat in the pedicure chair next to me. While feeling like a large cow sitting next to her I asked her where did she get her body. While humbled she handed me an Eli’s Fitness Studio's business card and told me the name of the guy training her was Joao Neto. While hesitating to contact this Joao guy I proceeded to make an appointment. That was in 2003 and the female sitting next to me later became Joao’s wife Heidi. Since then I have been training with Joao off and on. Back in 2009 I fell down injuring my lower lumbar which limited my work outs until Joao came to the rescue with his very successful Kettlebell workouts. I have certainly gained strength while dropping a couple of pounds too… I continue to work out with Joao 3 times a week. In addition my son Michael Rhoades was experiencing high blood pressure and a weight increase of about 30 pounds. While speaking to Joao about Michael’s challenges Joao insisted getting Michael into the studio to work out. That was last year September and Michael currently has lost 32 pounds and is not on blood pressure pills and looks the best he ever has. He also has changed his diet once and for all. 
Michael and I continue to work out together with Joao and I must say from my experience Eli's Studio is a very structured fitness playground filled with like-minded individuals who wish to transform their bodies and minds. Most of us in their struggle with the same challenges of weight gain, muscle & endurance loss, lack of fitness structure and motivation. Now I know for me when I walk thru that studio door and see my fellow fitness buddies sweating on a treadmill, doing lunges with the kettle bells, hanging on the monkey bars doing abdomen crunches, or engaging in a group effort work out in the park complaining and chatting until we finally hear Neto with that strong yell at us to stop complaining because this is what we pay him to do!!!!!! For me that is the moment of truth and I know I am personally in the right spot with the right trainer…. 
Joao is an inspiration to all of us and he has dedicated his entire life coaching and encouraging mental & physical health. One must note this kind of individual is a very rare gift in today’s society. 
All of us come back to Eli's Studio & Joao Neto sooner or later. “That is the truth”. 
In Good Health, 
Thanks Joao & Heidi… 
Continued Success 
Laura & Michael Rhoades 
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