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Jay Wright
Jay Wright

Personal Trainer Experience: 32 years
Locations: Eli's Fitness Studio
Specialties: Weight training, Body Sculpting, Weight loss, Strength Training and Nutrition. ( Many consider him the "Butt Master".)

Ty Dorce
Ty Dorce

Personal Trainer Experience: 6 years
Locations: Eli's Fitness Studio
Specialties: Functional circuit training with emphasis on core strength, plyometrics, body sculpting, resistance training , Russian kettlebell training, nutritional counseling, and making YOUR impossible POSSIBLE.

Leandro (Leo) Pereira 

Personal Trainer since 2004 

After over coming Cancer (leukemia) in 1997-2000 I dedicated my life to God and to health and that is what lead me to my career as a Personal Trainer. I am motivated and dedicated to get people fit and healthy because of everything I went through. I became a Personal Trainer in 2004 and am certified through World Fitness Association. 

I specialize in Home Training, Functional Training, Weight Management and I my specialty is Overall Total Health. In 2008 I became a certified Kettlebell Instructor through The American Kettlebell Association and in 2009 I expanded my education and received my Certified Personal Training Specialty Certification from Fitness Institute International. I have been training clients in their home since 2004 and began training clients at Eli’s Fitness Studio in 2007. I love what I do and am pleased to say that I have helped transform many people’s bodies and lives. The best part of my job is to see my clients achieving the results they want! 

Neal Massinello - Personal Trainer

B.S. In Exercise Science and Wellness Education
Personal Trainer since 1998

Certifications: Personal trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, CPR

Specialties: Weight training, muscle building, body fat reduction, diet counseling, injury rehabilitation

Let me teach you proper form in the gym and provide you with motivation to help you achieve the body you always wanted. I am a full time trainer (this is my life) my clients will always come first and recieve my full attention. Give me one workout to show you the difference.


Alex DeOliveira

Personal Trainer since 2006

My name is Alex and I have been dedicating myself to helping individuals of all ages reach their weight and fitness goal for the past 5 years now. 

It has been a passion of mine to inspire and motivate clients as well as teach and instruct them on the rights and wrongs of proper training. I value myself as not only a trainer but a teacher of sorts with the goal in mind that you will continue to push yourself efficiently and effectivly long after you have stopped with training services. 

I like to help my clients in all ways possible to achieve their goals using every means neccessary. It is important to balance your lifesytle with proper exercise, nutrition, supplementation and even sleep habits which can all contribute to fat loss, muscle gains, and a general sense of well being. 

If you are interested in training with me whether you have or have not exercised ever or in awhile, need motivation, or have reached a plateau in your training and looking for a fresh change please contact me.



Bob Burke
Personal Trainer since 1988

Certification: International Fitness Professionals of America, CPR Certified

Former Body Builder
25 Years Experience with Diet & Nutrition
Muscular Development
Weight Loss & Training

Bob has dedicated his life to health and fitness and can help you reach your health and fitness goals. He has been training his entire adult life and has literally helped change hundreds of people lives by implementing a healthy diet and exercise.



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